Composition of the Board

President of the board (from March 2020 onwards)

  • Inge van der Weiden. Senior researcher, lecturer and PhD coordinator Center for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS), University of Leiden.

Members of the board (from March 2020 onwards)

  • Gab van Winkel. Researcher and adviser on doctoral education. Division: Corporate Strategy & Accounts, Subdivision Dean of Research Office. Wageningen University.
  • Linda Martens. Policy officer research. Tilburg Law School, Tilburg University.
  • Hannerieke van der Boom. FHML Policy Advisor PhD Affairs, PhD TRACK coordinator & CAPHRI PhD coordinator. Maastricht University.
  • Paul van Dijk. Director Twente Graduate School. University of Twente.
  • Hans Sonneveld. Advisor and researcher with regard to doctoral programs. Former president of the board.