Managing change in doctoral education

Slaven Mihaljević, Managing and Leading Change in Higher Education Institutions: The Example of Doctoral Education. Zagreb University, 2019, doctoral thesis.

The aim of the research

Investigating the process of changes in doctoral education at selected European universities and identifying the main factors influencing the results. Multiple case studies  as regards the modernization of doctoral education have been conducted  at four public universities, in Slovenia, Austria, Portugal and Montenegro. The external environment, and the internal organizational culture and structure had a profound impact on the scope, goals, duration and effectiveness of methods used during the process of modernizing doctoral education.

KEYWORDS: Doctoral education; change; change agents; Burke–Litwin model; change management.

Doktorat_Slaven Mihaljević_FINAL

Composition of the Board

President of the board (from March 2020 onwards)

  • Inge van der Weiden. Senior researcher, lecturer and PhD coordinator Center for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS), University of Leiden.

Members of the board (from March 2020 onwards)

  • Gab van Winkel. Researcher and adviser on doctoral education. Division: Corporate Strategy & Accounts, Subdivision Dean of Research Office. Wageningen University.
  • Linda Martens. Policy officer research. Tilburg Law School, Tilburg University.
  • Hannerieke van der Boom. FHML Policy Advisor PhD Affairs, PhD TRACK coordinator & CAPHRI PhD coordinator. Maastricht University.
  • Paul van Dijk. Director Twente Graduate School. University of Twente.
  • Hans Sonneveld. Advisor and researcher with regard to doctoral programs. Former president of the board.