New Good Practices in Doctoral Education

New Publications

  • November 6, the Netherlands Centre for Graduate and Research Schools organized a meeting entitled The PhD in 2025. Three issues were central: the arrival of a new type of PhD candidate, the one funded by a scholarship (in stead of having an employee position) , the expansion of the Ius Promovendi and the (im) possibility of three-year PhD programs. Report.
  • Hans Sonneveld. Supervision in Europe. To further innovate or to consolidate, that’s the question. Text of presentation at the EUA Council for Doctoral Education Annual Meeting, 18 – 19 June 2015 at theTechnical University Munich in Germany. Full text.
  • From June 2015, the core group of the Centre consists of Stella van der Meulen (Delft University of Technology), Gab van Winkel (Wageningen University), Hervé Tijssen (Tilburg University) and Hans Sonneveld.
  • Procedures, Principles and Good Practices for SUPERVISING PHD CANDIDATES
    at Wageningen School of Social Sciences
    . Full text
  • Stella Boeschoten, Charlotte van Hees, Kees Mulder, Sabine Waasdorp, Martijn Weekenstroo, The PhD in the Dutch Academic System, Science in Transition, February 2015.The aim of this report is to evaluate the current role of a PhD candidate in academia, particularly regarding his career perspectives and to investigate whether there are differences between the different graduate schools. To achieve this, we conducted 26 inter-views with people in different faculties and different layers within university or connected to the university. Full text.